Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard is awesome

I've written several keyboard reviews - i have a thing for them. This one is on the Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard. This is my new favorite »

Very cool future vehicles from a concept artist

This is some really cool concept art from a guy named Khyzyl Saleem. You can find more on his website. Very cool: »

Microsoft Band - the best wearable I've ever used

Photo of the Microsoft Band by the Verge For a long time my favorite wearable was the Pebble but after a weekend with the Microsoft Band »

Formula 1 Austin 2014 with Techstars is insanely fun

I attended Formula 1 in Austin this year with the Techstars teams organized by Andy who is their director of fun. She setup what was undoubtedly »

Simon Stalenhag - everyday paintings of the post futuristic world

Simon Stalenhag is a talented Swedish artist who paints post futuristic worlds full of robots discarded, abandoned, left rusting on the side of a road. The »

How to upgrade Ghost on Digital Ocean

I'm often asked what theme I use on this blog - its the default theme from the Ghost blog platform. Its a great piece of software »

Greatest paragraph in the history of journalism

From the Gizmodo article about the guys who bought Ebola.com and want to sell it for $150,000: It could not be confirmed at press »

Motorola Hint bluetooth earpiece reminds me of the movie "Her"

If you've ever seen the movie Her then you've seen a vision of the future where we all talk to our computers via a small personalized »