BMW R45 is a thing of beauty (Motorcycles)

BMW R45 Custom

Must have! Nom nom nom. I'm a big fan of Cafe Racer motorcycles. This custom built BMW bike with nobby tires and a white exhaust is just plain gorgeous. I love the blue speedometer and the brown detail on the engine. You can see more on the Aether website.… »

Techstars Austin Unveils its Second Class - SiliconHills

The second Techstars Austin class kicked off this week in Austin.  Companies from all over the world moved to Austin to spend the next few months going through an intensive accelerator program. The program kicked off Monday and will run through Sept. 3rd when it will host its demo day… »

User experience deep dive with Das Referenz iPad app

In a previous life I was a product manager, a job I really enjoyed.  Although I don't do any UX design now I still love reading about the thinking behind a user experience.  I was stunned when I stumbled across a very detailed article about a Wikipedia app called Das… »