Ask an eleventh grader if you want to know the future of Tech

Photo by Marciej Serafinowicz. If you want to know the future of tech ask a high school student. This is the conclusion of the author Josh Miller of Eleventh Grade »

That time the Grateful Dead threatened to sue me

Back in 1999 the Grateful Dead corporation threatened to sue me (and my co-founders Alexander Bibighaus and Luke Stutzman) for distributing mp3 copies of live shows that they had allowed »

Techstars Austin demo day 2014 was a smashing success!

All of the companies on stage with Techstars staff I love mentoring at Techstars. There is something about Techstars founders that makes me feel at home. Its like I'm their »

The single greatest viral cause is a massive wake up call

I had no idea what ALS was until now. I just posted my entry for the ALS ice bucket challenge. Like all of the others before me, I had water »

Should you upgrade your DAC if you own a Macbook Pro?

Its called a DAC and it stands for digital audio converter. This small computer chip is responsible for translating digital files into analog sound. It is an important part of »

Teach your kids how to paint to make them better entreprenuers

Painting by Bob Ross When I was ten years old my mom dropped me off at a rich widow's mansion to take oil painting lessons in her basement. I learned »

Unsplash - free to use photography

I'm using photos from a website called Unsplash on my blog. Unsplash is a great resource full of gorgeous photographs taken by photographers from all over the world and submitted »

Why your content marketing is failing and how you can fix it

Time to vote for SXSW 2014 panels. I'm submitting a topic for my SXSW panel this year. I need your help to get my panel into the festival. Please help »