Who is Josh Kerr?

Photo above featuring me in the red hat and President Obama in the background (at Capital Factory in Austin, TX)

I am an entrepreneur - startup mentor - and most recently co-founder of Written

New York City I'm from New York City (photo by Philipp Henzler)

I am a developer turned entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor. I co-founded several companies and achieved some success including the acquisition of my startup called Zosh. I received some notoriety for smashing a fax machine with a baseball bat during my pitch for Zosh at Demo conference (in Spring 2010.) This earned me a coveted demo god award and attracted the attention of YouSendIt the company that acquired my startup.

My most recent startup is Written a venture backed company I co-founded with entrepreneurs I met at Capital Factory. As CEO I raised $1.4 million in seed funding from angels and VC's.


Born in Dallas, TX but raised on Long Island, NY I developed a taste for Austin Texas where I've lived for the past ten years. Its a great city one that resonates for me both personally and as a startup entrepreneur.

I'm fascinated by technology which was my focus during my time at the University of Texas at Austin. My career in tech has spanned more than fifteen years with my current gig as Co-founder and CEO of Written.

I'm an introvert which comes as a surprise to most folks because I seem like such a people person. My job requires an outgoing personality and a lot of time spent being around people which comes naturally albeit with a cost. I crash pretty hard at the end of the day.

I'm a horrible writer but ironically I love blogging and work at a company that rewards writers for their successful content. My mom is an author but instead of teaching me how to write she taught me how to paint.

I'm a science geek. Whether its quantum physics or big numbers, I spend hours reading about what makes our universe tick. Wikipedia is the bane of my existence often sucking hours of my time leaving me wondering why I didn't go to sleep last night.

I consider myself a very lucky person, I was born into a great family in a great country and have had a life filled with wonderful opportunities. I work hard and believe that much of my good fortune has been a product of good luck.

I am the father of two children - a boy and a girl who inspire me to be a better person.


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Download my public key to send me an encrypted message or find me on Keybase.io to verify my digital identity. My address is joshkerr at Gmail.

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