Simon Stalenhag - everyday paintings of the post futuristic world

Simon Stalenhag is a talented Swedish artist who paints post futuristic worlds full of robots discarded, abandoned, left rusting on the side of a road. The »

How to upgrade Ghost on Digital Ocean

I'm often asked what theme I use on this blog - its the default theme from the Ghost blog platform. Its a great piece of software »

Greatest paragraph in the history of journalism

From the Gizmodo article about the guys who bought and want to sell it for $150,000: It could not be confirmed at press »

Motorola Hint bluetooth earpiece reminds me of the movie "Her"

If you've ever seen the movie Her then you've seen a vision of the future where we all talk to our computers via a small personalized »

Bose QuietComfort 25 noise canceling headphone review

The QuietComfort 25 are the brand new top of the line noise canceling headphone from Bose. This headphone is a nice update to the QuietComfort 15 »

Scenic view of Austin at dusk

I shot this video from the 37th floor of the Spring building in Austin. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I've been playing »

Ask an eleventh grader if you want to know the future of Tech

Header Photo by Marciej Serafinowicz. If you want to know the future of tech ask a high school student. This is the conclusion of the author »

That time the Grateful Dead threatened to sue me

A newer version of this article is posted over here on Medium. Back in 1999 the Grateful Dead corporation threatened to sue me (and my co-founders »