What I carry in my pocket aka EDC

The James Brand is a custom knife shop that makes EDC (every day carry) knives that you would be proud to carry around in your pocket. The knives features a »

Accelerator companies should model their fundraising on Filament Labs

If you are a startup company and you plan to go through an accelerator program you need to take a close look at Filament Labs. From a perfect demo day »

Get your business fixed by a random blog post (Tarsnap)

Tarsnap is a system administrator backup tool with a focus on security. It uses Amazon's infrastructure to provide a reliable backup option. Its a lifestyle business for its founder never »

BMW R45 is a thing of beauty (Motorcycles)

Must have! Nom nom nom. I'm a big fan of Cafe Racer motorcycles. This custom built BMW bike with nobby tires and a white exhaust is just plain gorgeous. I »

Why technology startups shouldn't file for software patents

In March 2011 Alexander Bibighaus and I celebrated over a couple of beers. We just completed the filing process for our first software patent. It was a glorious achievement for »

Apple vintage extended keyboard: use it on your modern day Mac

Apple's original extended keyboard (the adb version ) is amazing. Using a special ADB to USB adapter you can use it on your modern day Mac. Its a great keyboard. Back »

Google Removes Author Photos From Search: Why And What Does It Mean?

With a slap across the face of bloggers everywhere, Google is removing the AuthorRank feature that displayed a blogger's Google+ photo next to their Google search result page listing.  This »

How I helped Microsoft Bungie Studios launch Halo 2 with content and engagement

I helped microsoft's Bungie Studios launch their Halo 2 game to the tune of $100 million in presales revenue.  In June of 2005 Bungie Studios who at the time was »