Austin Texas is rocking the top 10 list

Austin Texas rocks another top ten list. Today I stumbled across two: The 6 things you need to eat right now from BuzzFeed and Best cities to Get Rich from CreditDonkey. It isn’t Wall Street Journal calibre reporting but I still love seeing Austin get the love.

On the 6 things you need to eat right now Torchy’s Tacos got a shout out for their Southwest Taco. I happen to agree with the author that their tacos are pretty spectacular. Hard not to like them when they are filled with fresh tasty ingredients that pop in your mouth.

A delicious taco from Torchy's

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On the Best cities to get Rich article Austin is mentioned as the #4 best city based on its high income percentage, GDP growth and number of patents earned. Frankly this list makes no sense but I’m a credit whore so I’ll take it.

Many Austin residents are not happy about their city getting all this love and attention. The hard feelings stem from Austin’s massive growth which created bad traffic, crowds at music venues, long lines at grocery stores and hard to get reservations from top restaurants. I’m okay with these problems because I think the good visibility creates a positive impact on our economy and outweighs the negative consequences from the fast growth.

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