Star Wars Rogue One — you have to see these screenshots

If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie Rogue One you need to stop what you are doing and go watch it: The story takes place before Star Wars IV A New Hope and follows the adventure of the rebels who steal the Death Star … Read the rest

I trust Medium to host my blog and you should too

Update: On February 1st, 2019, I moved my website away from Medium and back to WordPress. I'm currently hosting my site on I mention the reasons for the move in this blog article. A few hours ago I completed the migration of my personal blog to Medium. For the … Read the rest

How to make your Medium Publication look professional

Medium recently announced new customization features for publications that finally allows for personalization. This article will show you how to make your publication look great. If you are posting your content to Medium you are already a step ahead of the curve. To take advantage of the new customization options … Read the rest

The Nike Air Pressure and my spoiled self

“No, you can’t always get what you want” as the famous Rolling Stone song goes “but try and you might find — you get what you need.” I’ve wanted things in life that I couldn’t always get, but there are very few things that I’ve wanted as badly as the Nike … Read the rest

My Fuji X Pro2 review (for street photography)

Photo by Strobist I’ve been an amateur photographer ever since I took a photography class in high school. I love the process the technology and looking at great photos. I also feel great pride when someone enjoys my work. Most of my work is street photography so my camera setup is … Read the rest

This is why you should post all of your content on Medium

Medium is quickly becoming the go-to destination for many bloggers. They are abandoning their self hosted blogs for Medium and for good reason. For those of you on the fence this article will help you understand the benefits of Medium and why you should consider making it your home too. … Read the rest

Vlogging is killing longform content for good

The Canon G7X has an LCD screen that flips over to make it easy to take selfies.Vlogging is the new blogging. Watching video is just much more entertaining than reading text. Millennials have the attention span of a toddler with attention deficit disorder and prefer watching video to reading. It … Read the rest