How to move your blog from Medium to WordPress

Medium recently shut down their third-party API without any notice. I was immediately incensed and decided to migrate my blog away from Medium. You can read more angst on this post and followup discussion on HackerNews about why I left. This article will show you how to migrate your content … Read the rest

How canaries protect us from the snooping US Government

One of the tools used by the FBI to investigate national security threats is called a National Security Letter (NSL). The NSL is designed to allow the government to request and monitor data from an ISP secretly. Often the letter will include a gag order that prevents the ISP from … Read the rest

Medium needs to support Latex for math and science

Medium is a great story telling platform but it falls short for publishing any serious science and math related articles. The big issue with this type of content on Medium is that it relies on math which can’t be easily rendered on Medium. Most writing platforms struggle with math because … Read the rest

Mind blown: the fast growing hierarchy for laymen — aka enormous numbers

WARNING — I’m not a mathematician so I probably made a bunch of errors. Please leave corrections in the comments. The Universe A few years ago I stumbled upon an article by famed computer scientist and quantum physics expert Scott Aaronson titled “Who can name the bigger number?” The article … Read the rest

Donald Trump’s valet guy thinks Trump is in over his head

Photo by Business Insider I attended a wedding a couple of weekends ago at Trump’s Mar A Lago estate & club in Palm Beach Florida. After a glorious wedding party I stood in the front driveway waiting for my Uber to take me back to my hotel. One of the … Read the rest

The Chromebook Pixel is Medium’s best writing platform

A bespoke writing experience from the Google’s top of the line notebook Photo by PC World I love to write on Medium. The supplied editor is gorgeous and makes it drop dead easy to produce beautiful articles. Unfortunately, the editor doesn’t do much to help with my atrocious grammar. Without proper grammar, … Read the rest