Cote&Ciel Isar is my favorite backpack of 2015

Its a little early in the year to declare my favorite backpack of 2015 but I’m so confident in my selection that I’m going to go ahead and do it. The Isar from Côte&Ciel has been around for many years so it isn’t exactly new but its my choice for best backpack for 2015. Every year Côte&Ciel come out with new flavors of this futuristic looking backpack.

The most recent variation of this backpack or shall I say rucksack comes in leather and its absolutely gorgeous.

The Isar is a laptop backpack with a special section containing a dedicated laptop sleeve and small mesh pockets to hold other computer related accessories.

The main compartment on the backpack is very spacious allowing you to carry several days worth of clothing while also toting around your computer. In terms of carry volume this is one of the most spacious backpacks I own. It is also very comfortable. It doesn’t have any ergonomic features but the high quality materials and the design make it easy to carry around all day.

I travel quite a bit for my job and this backpack is a pleasure to use. Its versatility combined with its sharp looks make it work in the board room, the airplane and on the beach. I often get compliments on it and it is a head turner with its unique styling.

The Isar is expensive. Very expensive. Especially in leather costing almost $750 US. That prices it with other high end luxury designers like Luis Vuitton and Hermes. The canvas models go for $220 which makes it a little more reasonable. The bags use high quality materials including metal buckles and aluminum zippers which justify the high cost.

With its fashionable futuristic styling and high quality construction this is my pick for best backpack of 2015.

Originally published at on March 2, 2015.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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