Fantastic WordPress theme based on Medium and Ghost

Announcing It’s been long enough. I’ve had this idea to put together my WordPress theme in a way that I could easily share it with others. I receive dozens of requests every year from readers telling me ho …

I’m now running this theme on It is a great theme that looks sharp — very similar to Medium. My favorite feature is that it allows one to set a post cover (the scary looking samurai at the top of this post) via the “featured image” function in WordPress. This makes creating Medium looking posts in WordPress very simple.

I’m also using a WordPress plugin called Gust which allows one to use a Ghost like admin with their WordPress installation. It looks a lot like Ghost but it doesn’t feature the awesome inline image upload form which is one of the best features on the platform.

Ghost like interface

Its been a while since I’ve been super jazzed about anything to do with WordPress. I continue to use the platform because of Written — my day job — but with the release of this new theme and Gust I’m sort of digging WordPress again.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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