How to move your blog from Medium to WordPress

Medium recently shut down their third-party API without any notice. I was immediately incensed and decided to migrate my blog away from Medium. You can read more angst on this post and followup discussion on HackerNews about why I left.

This article will show you how to migrate your content on Medium to WordPress. In my case, I’m hosting at, but you can use these same steps to migrate to any hosted wordpress installation.

The first step is to get your content out of Medium. You can do this from the settings page under your account.

Migrate your blog away from Medium

Once you’ve notified Medium that you want a copy of your content, you’ll need to wait for the email. Once you recieve the email, you can go ahead and download the zip file.

Now that you’ve got the zip file its time to head over to If you don’t already have a WordPress account, go ahead and set one up. WordPress has a built in feature allowing you to import directly from Medium. We will use this feature as an interim step in getting our content to our WordPress installation. You can read more about this feature on WordPress’s website.

Select the “Import” option
Select the “Medium Option”

Now select the zip file you downloaded from the previous step and drag it over to the upload area on the page. Click “start import” and you should see this:

When you are all done, you should have all of your Medium content inside your blog. Now if you want to move it to another blog (not hosted on you can simply export it in the standard WordPress format and then import it on any hosted WordPress blog.

I followed these steps on my own blog and everything moved over perfectly. If you are using a version of WordPress > 5.0, you’ll get prompts to convert your content into “blocks” when you first go to edit posts. Other than that, I found no issues migrating my blog away from Medium and on to WordPress.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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