Kano Kickstarter makes learning to code cheap

Kano Computer

Kano is a new type of computer that leverages a Pi computer to make a kit that anyone can use to learn to code. It takes the cost savings of the Pi platform and makes it as easy to use as Legos. You simply snap the parts together and you’ve got a computer.

Kano do it yourself computer kit in the box

The computer is available as a Kickstarter project and I highly recommend supporting it. The goal was $100K and it is already well above $850K and will probably break $1 million before the campaign is over.

I’m not sure I like the name, it reminds me of the character from Mortal Kombat:

Kano from Mortal Combat

Photo by NetherRealm Studios

It is clear that technology is getting cheaper and devices like the Kano will allow more people access to education that in the end is good for the world.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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