Proof that the Universe will repeat itself

What if I told you that the Universe would repeat itself? I’m crazy, right? However there is a very cool mathematical proof that you will be reincarnated. Your rebirth will happen because the Universe is finite and after a very long time, it will repeat itself.

Famous mathematician Henri Poincaré

Poincaré recurrence theorem states that if you have a shoe box, you can calculate the amount of time before the quantum material in that box reaches the starting state. That length of time, called recurrence time is possible because there is a finite amount of quantum material in a shoebox. So the probability that it will eventually reach its starting state is 100%.

The Universe is also finite, so theoretically, we can calculate the recurrence time for the Universe. Recurrence time for the Universe is a very big number.

10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{1.1}}}}} = number of years until recurrence time.

The recurrence time is so long that we won’t ever be able to observe it. Unfortunately the heat death of the Universe will happen long before recurrence time happens. The Universe will die out and everything in it will die long before recurrence time.

Still — it is pretty cool that we can calculate something like this.

Recurrence time for the Universe is one of the longest finite times ever calculated by a physicist.

Does this theorem prove that we will be reincarnated? It is possible.

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