Samsung Galaxy Note 3 UX gone wrong

The Galaxy Note 3 is a tablet that wants to be a smartphone. The 5.7″ screen is just way too big to really be useful as a smartphone so much so that Samsung has engineered fixes to the many problems of trying to use it as one. For example, the screen is just too big for one handed operation, so they engineered a special gesture shortcut that enables the user interface to shrink into the bottom corner of the screen so that you can reach elements on the other side.

This horrible fix demonstrates why bigger sometimes isn’t better. So now you are carrying this giant awful mess of a device with its gorgeous 5.7″ screen but you can only use a fraction of it.

Sign that your product’s user experience has issues: Galaxy Note 3 one handed mode:

— Josh Kerr (@joshkerr) October 2, 2013

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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