Springfield M6 Scout survival rifle review

I just posted a video review of the Springfield M6 Scout survival rifle. This rifle was originally issued to pilots in the Air Force in the case that they had to ditch their planes in a remote part of the world where a rescue attempt would take days. The pilot would use the rifle to gather sustenance.

Its a really neat rifle that easily disassembles into two parts so you can store it in small places or carry it in a backpack. In fact this rifle makes a great backpacker’s gun — something you can easily carry on your long hikes and quickly assemble it when you need it. I keep it in my bug out bag. A bug out bag is a backpack I keep in case of a crazy disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. It has medical supplies, food, water, etc.. everything I’d need to keep my family safe until we reached safety. It is packed and in the closet near my front door.

I’m working on a series of firearm review videos which I’ll post to YouTube over the next few months. I’m experimenting in this vertical to see if I can create a channel that gets a lot of traffic and engagement.

Originally published at on December 22, 2014.

By joshkerr

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