Contactless in Austin: Whole foods challenge video log about my experience with the Whole Foods challenge which is one of the individual events that makes up the Contactless Challenge put on by Gemalto. I had to get as many people to show up at Whole Foods and buy them $3 deserts while demonstrating the wireless … Read the rest

Contactless in Austin: Adding money to my phone

The Gemalto Contactless Challenge starts tomorrow morning at 6am and if I plan to buy anything with my phone I better put some money in it. (On it?) One of the great things about this challenge is that Gemalto is giving us their money to spend. The funds arrived this … Read the rest

Austin vs Salt Lake City in Gemalto Contactless Challenge

Game face on Gemalto a multi-billion dollar company that you’ve likely never heard of is sponsoring a wireless payment challenge pitting me and my city of Austin vs Kathy and her city of Salt Lake City. Both Austin and SLC are piloting a new NFC payment technology from ISIS which … Read the rest