My Fuji X Pro2 review (for street photography)

Photo by Strobist I’ve been an amateur photographer ever since I took a photography class in high school. I love the process the technology and looking at great photos. I also feel great pride when someone enjoys my work. Most of my work is street photography so my camera setup is … Read the rest

Why I’m switching from from Full Frame DSLR cameras to the FujiFilm XT-1

Photo by Dan Bailey I’m a maniac when it comes to cameras. I absolutely love them. Photography is a passion of mine, and the camera equipment is an obsession. Since I was a little kid, I used to sneak into my dad’s study while he was at work to play around … Read the rest

Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard is awesome

I’ve written several keyboard reviews1- i have a thing for them. This one is on the Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard. This is my new favorite keyboard. It is a fantastic lightweight portable wireless keyboard — the one you need to go get. Its the culmination of years of design expertise … Read the rest

Noizio — awesome ambient noise app for your Mac

I travel a lot and end up working in environments that have distracting background noise — honking cars, talking patrons, airplane engines, etc.. With Noizio a new app for the Mac I can setup awesome ambient sounds to drown that stuff away and better focus on my work. Noizio is … Read the rest