The definitive guide to mistakes founders make raising money

These are the common mistakes that founders often make when they meet with investors to raise money. When I started raising my seed round for my last startup Written I also made many of these mistakes. When I fixed the errors of my ways I was able to quickly (within … Read the rest

Formula 1 Austin 2014 with Techstars is insanely fun

I attended Formula 1 in Austin this year with the Techstars teams organized by Andy who is their director of fun. She setup what was undoubtedly my favorite Formula 1 experience. Thank you Andy! Here are some photos from the day. My favorite is the one Marko took of the … Read the rest

Teach your kids how to paint to make them better entrepreneurs

Painting by Bob RossWhen I was ten years old my mom dropped me off at a rich widow’s mansion to take oil painting lessons in her basement. I learned to paint Bob Ross style scenics with oil and acrylic paint, a ritual that I despised. This was all part of … Read the rest

Why technology startups shouldn’t file for software patents

In March 2011 Alexander Bibighaus and I celebrated over a couple of beers. We just completed the filing process for our first software patent. It was a glorious achievement for both of us. We became good friends in college and we always spoke of starting a company together. Years later … Read the rest

How I helped Microsoft Bungie Studios launch Halo 2 with content and engagement

I helped microsoft’s Bungie Studios launch their Halo 2 game to the tune of $100 million in presales revenue. In June of 2005 Bungie Studios who at the time was owned by Microsoft Corporation published a technical case study on the MSDN blog about their successful launch of Halo 2 … Read the rest

My introduction of iBeacon restaurant app Mahana at SXSW 2014

Photo by Digiday I had the honor of introducing super hot startup Mahana at Capital Factory’s demo day during SXSW 2014. Mahana is an iBeacon restaurant app and service that informs me how long the wait is at a restaurant and makes me a VIP when decide to go. Using … Read the rest