Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard is awesome

I’ve written several keyboard reviews1- i have a thing for them. This one is on the Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard. This is my new favorite keyboard. It is a fantastic lightweight portable wireless keyboard — the one you need to go get. Its the culmination of years of design expertise … Read the rest

Jurassic Park computer interface simulation

I love computer interfaces especially in movies where they are dumbed down to further the story. The movie Jurassic Park features a famous scene where security in the theme park is disabled and the dinosaurs are released as a result. It is a scene that featured the SGI (Silicon Graphics) … Read the rest

Fantastic WordPress theme based on Medium and Ghost

Announcing IndependentPublisher.me It’s been long enough. I’ve had this idea to put together my WordPress theme in a way that I could easily share it with others. I receive dozens of requests every year from readers telling me ho … I’m now running this theme on joshkerr.net. It is a … Read the rest