How to move your blog from Medium to WordPress

Medium recently shut down their third-party API without any notice. I was immediately incensed and decided to migrate my blog away from Medium. You can read more angst on this post and followup discussion on HackerNews about why I left. This article will show you how to migrate your content … Read the rest

Fantastic WordPress theme based on Medium and Ghost

Announcing It’s been long enough. I’ve had this idea to put together my WordPress theme in a way that I could easily share it with others. I receive dozens of requests every year from readers telling me ho … I’m now running this theme on It is a … Read the rest

Preview your blog posts inline with this WordPress plugin

Christopher Finke’s inline preview plugin for WordPress is fantastic, so good in fact, it should be included as a default feature and part of the core Word Press source code. The plugin creates a preview window to the right of the post editor when you click the standard “preview” button. … Read the rest