Using Flipboard to post to Tumblr (Content distribution)

It turns out Flipboard can a lot more than just provide a wonderful reading experience. Flipboard is one of my favorite content readers on the iPhone and iPad. I use it to browse Facebook, Twitter, and all of my favorite RSS feeds. I love the gesture navigation on the iPhone and iPad and I think they do one of the best job of formatting content for a responsive viewport.

It turns out that flipboard also makes an excellent Tumblr client too. I host a Tumblr blog called where I post a lot of my favorite articles. It is almost like a public feed of my Pocket account. Flipboard does a great job of pulling out key images and formatting a summary of the article that it makes a perfect tool for posting to Tumblr. There are automated ways of posting from Flipboard to Tumblr using IFTTT but I chose not to use those methods because they don’t let me add my own comments to the article or select the image that will represent the post.

If you want to use my method of posting from Flipboard to Tumblr all you need to do is setup your Tumblr account from within Flipboard.

Once you’ve added your account you are pretty much ready to go. Now when you click the + button on a Flipboard article you get the option to submit it to Tumblr.

If you install Flipboard’s share browser plugin you can share anything right from your browser.

This means that you can use Flipboard to share any article on the web directly from your browser to Tumblr via Flipboard. They even allow you to comment on the article via a small text box below the content and provide an easy way for you to choose the primary image that will represent the post and appear at the top of the article.

Its a great feature and one that has me using their service to not only contribute content to Flipboard but to a lot of other services as well, Tumblr included.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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