Uncategorized featured in Techcrunch announcing our funding Screenshot appeared in an article on TechCrunch today. The article follows our announcement that we’ve completed a seed round of $1 million from Live Oak VP, FLOODGATE, Capital Factory Fund and various angels in Austin.

The article does a good job of talking about what we do — helping brands build bigger more engaging audiences. Brands today are spending more money on content marketing than ever before. This is partly because of how effective a successful compaign can be — just look at Red Bull. It is also partly due to changes in Google Search that put more emphasis on individual writers rather than companies. This makes it harder for brands to get their content ranked and thus difficult for them to attract an audience.

The announcement is exciting for us as a company because we finally get to plant a stake in the ground and announce our mission. Proven content does lead to proven engagement and our early customers are proof that both brands and bloggers have a lot to gain from working together. Written facilitates that relationship at scale.

After the article went live the phones started to ring with calls from new brand leads. That day we saw more than 100 leads roll in with folks asking for pricing on our services. Many of those leads will become customers and some have already signed up.

That night I hit my pillow hard. Laying in bed I couldn’t help but feel good. The influx of leads was great was pretty awesome. Today was a small step toward changing the world.

The next morning I arrived at work to more support this time from bloggers who resonated with my quote from the article saying that writers should be paid like doctors and lawyers. One writer though the quote was a little naive but said I just might be a modern day Gertrude Stein. Wow. Just wow.

By joshkerr

Josh is an 8x startup founder and angel investor.

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